FICS Teamleague

Players Handbook

Welcome to the largest team chess league in the world! We are pleased to welcome you as one of us and wish you many competitive games, with the added bonus of new friends and team camaraderie.


1 - Play a minimum of 20 rated standard games to establish your ratings. (Note: TL staff may require additional games, should it be deemed necessary to establish a stablized rating.)

2 - Not permitted are designated computer accounts, blind accounts, those who have ever had a (C), or "rated banned" accounts. Have you been using assistance in your games, but don't yet have been ratebanned? Know that cheaters will, and have been, caught! If you are caught by our cheat detection procedures or the server's during the tournament, all your opponents in the current tourney will be given forfeit wins, and you will be never again be eligible to play in FICS Team League.

3 - Just as you may choose to join or not, the League reserves the right to choose whether to admit you or not. Therefore the Tournament Director has the discretion to, in rare cases, make decisions regarding the eligibility of any would-be joiner.

4 - Before joining, read each part of this handbook.

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