FICS Teamleague

How to Join

Before a team captain signs up his/her team to play in a tournament, each member of the team must have previously completed the following process to participate in the League. Any player who already has a Game Forum password has already completed step 1.

  • "Tell teamleague join" - Login at FICS and issue this command. This will allow you to be inserted on a team.
  • "Tell teamleague set password " - That is the password you will use to log in the teamleague website. You can alter your password whenever you want using the same command.
    "Tell teamleague set email " - too, if you want. That will make all messages from teamleague to be sent to your mailbox. Alternatively, you can set your fics variable "Set mailmess 1" so that all fics messages are sent from FICS to you email box.
  • Players Login - Now that you have a password, you will be able to login the the teamleague website.
  • Want help finding a team? - If you don't yet have a team, and want team captains to consider inviting you to join their teams, use the command "tell teamleague set interested 1", and you will be listed in the interested players list. Important: once you found a team, remove yourself from the interested list using the command "tell teamleague set interested 0".
  • Now, your captain can enter you on a team to play in the current tournament, following the instructions in the Captains' Handbook .
  • New-Player probationary period: If this is your first tournament, you may be on only 2 teams.
  • Red-Carded probationary periods: If this is your first tournament since returning from a red card suspension, you may be on only one team. You may be assistant captain of that team, but not captain.
  • When a captain enters a team with you as a member, you will receive an FICS message confirming that.