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This is the home of FICS TeamLeague. We organize slow time-control chess tournaments on the Free Internet Chess Server. Games are played by individuals, who compete for results as part of a team. We try to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our channel on FICS is 101.

Daylight Saving Time Begins

Posted at 03/05/00 - 09:45 PM

Daylight Saving Time Begins

All players should note that this weekend, daylight saving time begins in the US. On Sunday March 10th, FICS server time will move forward one hour - 02:00 EST becomes 03:00 EST.

The "date" command on FICS will show the correct current server time should anyone be in doubt. This is more reliable than the clocks in the game forum, which do not always update at the exact time DST begins.

Author: smallblackcat

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