FICS Teamleague

Interested Players and Teams


If you are new to TeamLeague, welcome! To join, you need a minimum of 20 rated standard games. You must have no history of computer abuse, and you should be prepared to commit to weekly play for about two months, in a 45 45 game which typically lasts several hours.

In preparation, you should familiarize yourself with the Player's Handbook listed under Documents. You may especially wish to review the "How to Join" section. You must run the command "tell teamleague join" (while on FICS) before joining a team.

Finding a team

After you run the join command, you will need a team. There are different ways of finding one:

  • You can look for a team seeking players in the list below. Teams can generally add players even after TeamLeague starts, until a deadline for adding new players passes.
  • You can add yourself to the list of interested players below, using the command "tell teamleague set interested 1".  It is possible that a captain needing a player will contact you. You can remove your name with "tell teamleague set interested 0".
  • You can self-advertise: Post tells to the Teamleague channel (101), or other channels in which you are active. Example: "I'm looking for a teamleague team. My rating is XXXX. Does any team need a player?"
  • You can form your own team from friends and acquaintances on FICS, or from players listed under "Interested Players" below. Teams must have four players, and should have alternates. New teams must be submitted before the deadline for new teams prior to the start of TeamLeague. It is recommended that the team captain have some prior experience in TeamLeague.

Active teams

ArchBishops smallblackcat, milpat Join ArchBishops and you'll never be alone.
Chude Dziki hajdzik A Polish team
DojoTatanzak CapitanSgrakkio, Transvi A Marattan chess Art school, winning isn't everything in chess, Fantasy and View are the school's values.
FlamingPhoenixFighters Triarius Have Fun, Make Friends, Play Furious.
Hot Rock fernbap or hugozver  
Light Spartans marjohn or cjldx Spirits of TeamLeague on FICS, feel free to join us.
Mysterious Moves PankracyRozumek We are looking for 2 new players for TL52: one rated 1500 or more, and one rated 1900 or more.
Poisoned Pawns TGV We're looking for players to join the oldest continuously operating team on the internet.
RainbowWarriors Maras or pchesso We welcome two or three more players rated 2000+. We look forward to hearing from you!
TheRangers RoyRogersC Always looking for reliable players.
The Rejoicing Team BethanyGrace A Christian team.
TsCWorld RobertFrost International Gaming Community for all, and resources for enhancing your gaming experience.
The Eye of the Tigran herrahuu We are offering equal playing opportunities for each member and expecting prompt negotiations, good chess etiquette and no blitzing.

Captains, please help me fill out this page by sending a message to KayVee with your information.

Interested Players

Captains may contact players on the list below to determine their level of interest and commitment. Players, you can add yourself to this list using the command "tell teamleague set interested 1". Once you have found a team, please remove yourself with "tell teamleague set interested 0".

Player handle Rating
 giswinger  1820
 cofail  1725
 sadhaka  1689
 OldFlyer  1266